Saturday, January 9, 2010

Life is a Cabaret!

Let's face it, women have beautiful legs. More than 120 years ago, when the Moulin Rouge opened, graphic posters of women's legs littered the streets of Paris.

Today, I still see them everywhere. Legs have made a bit of a comeback I suppose. I'm definitely not complaining - it's a beautiful shape to use as a graphic element! Here are a few of my faves - vintage and new:

{ vintage Cabaret poster, Super Furry Animals poster by Methane Studios, not quite sure about this one, vintage cover of french Le Frou-Frou magazine, vintage CanCan poster, Sharon Jones poster by Methane Studios, Sonic Youth poster by Spike Press, Cameo Lounge logos by Werner Design Works}

Here is my "cabaret" interpretation into an invitation:

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