Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's "Wishes"

I'm not a "resolution" kind of girl. I recently read back in this journal I had in 8th grade, and one of the resolutions was to not kiss any boys and another was to donate all my allowance to charity.

I'm guessing neither happened.

So here are my New Year's "wishes":

1. Get in shape - at least to where when summer comes I don't skip out on any rad pool parties just because I got some jiggly in my suit. (for the record, I realize that my stomach will never look like the stomach above. A girl can dream though...)

2. Stop eating so dang much - I read this book, The French Don't Diet Plan, and it said all the right things, eat real cheeses, put real sugar in your coffee, stop eating processed foods. The catch? Eat a bite and let it sit before you get your next bite. Supposedly us Americans eat double what we're supposed to be eating and it's all fake. It also doesn't help one bit that my mom keeps a full stock of diet cokes, chocolate, chips, dips, and M&Ms at all times.

3. Stay on top of my accounting - Yep. This is the one I think will be the hardest. Billing, taxes, company expenses, inventory. You name it, I don't do it.

4. Charity work - I won't be as ambitious as my 8th grade journal in saying that I'll donate every little cent I earn to some wonderful cause, but I want to do SOMETHING. When I used to contribute to society, it made me a very happy girl.

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