Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dallas Market starts today!

I'm here in Alexandria, Louisiana as Dallas Market starts, my VERY FIRST time to be in a showroom. I am terrified and hopeful all at the same time.

Hopefully it's going well over there...eek! I'm leaving early Friday morning to be there by noon and staying until Monday. (I would be going earlier, but my hubbie's 30th is Thursday and I can't bear to miss it!)

So if you're traveling through the market center this weekend, stop by Daniel Richards and I should be there! It's in the Market Hall on the 2nd floor.

I'll be posting pictures and documenting the experience starting Saturday, so keep checking back!

By the way - here is a glimpse of me at market last January! I was in the temporaries.

And in answering your questions - No, I'm not preggo, it's one of those dresses. Yes, I am sporting some hot bangs that I no longer possess. And yes, my booth was wrinkled. My husband threw away our iron.