Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Color Picks - 2010

I love color. Every color. As a child I would have a panic attack every time the teacher would ask, "What's your favorite color?"

What kind of question is that? I like certain colors for certain things. Right?

So here are my favorite inspirations for this year.

Horse from ZGallerie, still from Atonement, green and gold bracelet from i forget!, Kate Spade wallet, house beautiful home, greek key candles from ZGallerie, Crane Apple Green cards

homes from house beautiful, lamp from Zara Home

look by Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta red necklace, red thank you from William Arthur, trench from Kate Spade

bangle from Alexis Bittar, silk top and knob from Anthropologie, circles side table from Layla Grace, Moulinette Soeurs Eau de Parfum, room from house beautiful, calling card from Martha Stewart

Agraria Luxury bath bar at Barneys, interior photographed by Dan Duchars, Halston Heritage Pleated gown from Neiman Marcus, Prada loafer, screen from Layla Grace, bedding from ZGallerie, stationery from Crane

room from house beautiful, Vera Wang Truly Pink, invitation from Martha Stewart, child's ghost chair from Layla Grace, room from house beautiful, Nana de Bary Pink Eau de Parfum, John Derian coaster

chest from Layla Grace, ring from Kate Spade, floral necklace from Lee Angel, barrettes from Anthropologie, room from house beautiful


  1. An absolutely brilliant post my friend.
    Your images took my breath away.
    I have a very ornate dresser that I've been wanting to paint a fabulous shade of blue and now because of you...I found it!!!!!
    I owe you :)
    Really and truly my favorite post of yours so far!

  2. How can I get my hands on that John Derian coaster?

  3. One last thing...
    check out the kelly green chinoiserie bamboo mirror in today's post over at Chinoiserie Chic!
    It definitely belongs in your green selections.

  4. Thank you! I know - that dresser KILLS me. But at over $ 2,000, I will DEFINITELY be doing a DIY version instead. If you do it, please oh please post it. And tell me exactly how it was done!

    If you go to johnderian.com, under dome paperweights, that little urchin gem awaits!

  5. #1) oh wow...those colors are all BEAUTIFUL and so tasteful!
    #2) hiii! i just discovered your blog when you commented on starfish and sundresses' about my stella + dot site, and your blog is too cute! i can't wait to start following and i'm glad you love stella + dot, too - i can't wait to see how much money we raise to help haiti :)