Saturday, January 30, 2010

Christian Lacroix Papier

While I aimlessly dawdled through my daily dose of inspirational fashion and design sites, I was suddenly aghast when I saw this post of Christian Lacroix's new line of paper goods on

It's so stunning. Very Papaya-esque but with a fashion edge that borders genius. There's collage, paintings, fabric, beauty, sketch, charcoal, vintage drawings. The number of mediums is fantastic.

It really stuck me. It looks so effortless, though I know each masterpiece was probably a painstaking exercise in adding and subtracting.



  1. hahah there's a reason he's so successful!! beautiful!

  2. I seriously JUST received the one directly above these comments today along with a Moleskine and beads from a very good friend in Toronto. I didn't even know about these journals! They are gorgeous!! I'm only writing beautiful things in it :)

  3. Gorgeous didn't even define how amazing they are.