Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Paper Suitcases...they're EVERYWHERE!

I've been noticing these paper suitcases everywhere I go. The first place I saw them was on the beautiful blog, Making it Lovely . Nicole owns a fabulous line, Pink Loves Brown.

So after I saw those paper suitcases, I was thinking, "hey, those are pretty cute." Little did I know there was an entire freakin paper suitcase movement going on.

I've been living under a rock I suppose. That's ok. I've known it for quite some time.

So I saw them recently at Paper Source at Northpark Mall in Dallas:

And THEN, I spyed it in an ad for The Land Of Nod:

There's also a company on Amazon that makes them:

It's crazy. I mean, I think they're cute and everything. Am I really living under a rock?

1 comment:

  1. Lol...never heard of it! You are not the only one. Very cute though.... and, yes, if you live in Alexandria, I think we live under a rock. Lol.