Monday, February 1, 2010

Petals falling everywhere

I love natural shapes, and I've started see the shape of petals and leaves everywhere. It's so beautiful and organic and way feminine.

Latticework has taken over our lives and I'll be the first to admit that I'm still gaga over trellis wallpaper. But there's something about natural shapes that really eases my heart rate and pleases the hippie inside.

{ Heidi Klum and Michael Kors Key to the Cure shirt at Saks, earrings and perfume and shirt at Anthropologie, earrings from Neiman Marcus, Romo wallcoverings, rug from Layla Grace, hydrangea necklace from etsy - Patrick Irla Jewelry , daily candy header illustrated by Sujean Rim }

1 comment:

  1. holy moly you have found some pretty things here...I am off to scout out that rug right now. I just love all these petals...I wish they would never go away!