Friday, February 12, 2010

A Bedroom for $1500

I was so inspired by finding the $70 kmart table that I decided to build a $1500 bedroom using the orange and pale blue palette.

Ok. I'm aware that I have no bedding and no place to put my clothes and I might be a tiny bit over budget. But I couldn't help myself! That Asian settee put me over, but it had to be done...=)


  1. I love this...such great finds!

    You have to tell me the name of that font. I have been looking for it FOREVER!! :)

  2. LOVE that sette from overstock! i always forget to look there!

  3. Amanda, I just love this inspiration board you've created! You remind me of Nate Berkus and how he shops mostly online for his makeovers on Oprah.
    Maybe a dual career is in your future!
    Happy Valentine's!!
    ~xo always

  4. AWESOME! This would be a gorgeous bedroom for sure! That print and that mirror really up the glam quotient! I forget about World Market and JCPenny is kind of a hidden secret when it comes to home decorating, there are some great looks there!