Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mirror, mirror on the wall...aren't YOU the prettiest of them all!

It's no secret that Wisteria seriously rocks. Especially when they have a sale.

Right now, every mirror is 20% off. Just enter MIRROR20 at check out. Yumm. (I'm obsessed with that first one with the shells - originally $379, now $303)


  1. I love sale alerts!!!
    I'm with you on the first mirror with the shells!!
    ~xo always

  2. oh i've never even HEARD of wisteria! hooray for new places to 'help the economy'!

  3. Oh...no. I've introduced you to the most addictive thing in my life besides blogging! I hope yours doesn't turn into a full-blown addiction. Seriously, it's amazing. My fave store ever.