Thursday, February 11, 2010

Under my Umbrella...

I've been on the lookout lately for an ultra fab umbrella. When I lived in Manhattan, a cool umbrella was so essential...because if you didn't look hot walking down 5th Avenue in the pouring rain, then you might as well go back to wherever you came from.

Then I moved to Chicago, where all of my delicate umbrellas were promptly turned inside out on the first windy day. The only thing that held up was an ultra strong black mini-brella.

And now, I live in small town Louisiana where the only time you get wet is when you walk across the Kroger's parking lot.

But who cares! I still want something fabulous. I've held on to my black mini-brella for too long!

(honestly, I'm the most in love with the first one from Target - only $16.99!)

{ clear done umbrella from Target, Felix Ray LOVE umbrella, Fornasetti Theme and Variations umbrella, Marc Jacobs Standard Supply umbrella, Burberry umbrella, Fornasetti Hot Air Balloons umbrella, 4 umbrellas from Lulu Guinness, Marimekko umbrella, union jack umbrella from }

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