Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Mardi Gras, Y'all!!!

YES! The ultimate day of indulgence is here! I've decided that I might actually cheat on my gluten-free allergy diet.

I know.

I'm a crazy lady.

This past Sunday, I went to the mardi gras parade in Alexandria, Louisiana and it was a blast. Much, much tamer than New Orleans. Nobody was puking on my shoes. Girls weren't flashing people everywhere you turned. And I didn't lose anybody in the crowd.

{ my hubbie and I }

{ one of the krewe floats, made out like a hunting deer blind...TRUE louisiana style! }

{ the crowd across the street from us - notice the guy at the top holding the Saints flag }

{ random cajun dude with 20 bazillion beads on }

I'm hoping this isn't too randy for the blogosphere...


  1. bahahahaha very randy!!! looked like fun!

  2. Looked like fun!!!
    Glad you made time to go out and celebrate good times :) What a cute couple you are :)

  3. Amanda, Great images,looks so fun! I love your site!