Monday, December 28, 2009

Lovely Ladies

I have been a fan of the very talented Sujean Rim for years now, due to her work with Daily Candy and Bonnie Marcus StylePress. Everyone knows her style, because it's so beautifully distinct. There are also a few other illustrator crushes I have, like Hanna Brooks Nation of Gadabout , Chesley McLaren , Amelie Hegardt , David Downton , and tons of others.

I love drawing women, especially for my invitation designs, and my style has evolved a bit since last year. I get so much inspiration from fashion illustrations, book covers, and just about everything that a lady is on that I'm starting to wonder if I need to evolve my lady-drawing style even more!

Hanna Brooks Nation of Gadabout:

Sujean Rim of Daily Candy and Bonnie Marcus StylePress:

Chesley McLaren:

Amelie Hegardt:

Joe Eula:

David Downton (LOVE that center one with the white sparkles!):

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