Monday, December 14, 2009

a few of my favorite things

I've been lusting after a few of these things for years now - and some for only a few weeks. But the funny thing is, I have such a ridiculous self control when it comes to buying things, that I never do. Ever.

But I think if I won the lottery and actually had money growing on a tree in my backyard, I'd purchase a few of these gems. (and yes - one of these things is only $12)

1. David Yurman Gold Crossover Ring

2. Romo wallpaper. I want an entire bathroom in this gorgeous pattern.

3. A ghost chair. And no, I don't need the $500 version - this $239 version will do just fine.

4. Vintage Morris bird and egg prints. I have 3 already, but hope to get a few more and frame them all for my collection!

5. Subscriptions to every wedding magazine they make. Starting with Martha Stewart's Weddings. I get oh so inspired from the dresses to the color combos.

6. A hot foil stamping machine. It sounds like a little thing, but they can run $500 to $2000. And you can do super fun stuff with them, like putting metal accents on stationery. (compared to everything else, it looks like the most un-sexy thing on earth. )

7. Lessons. Screen-printing lessons, letter-pressing lessons, sewing lessons, oil painting lessons. If it's an art and you can learn it, I wanna do it. I want to spend all day making stuff and fill my house with creative happiness. NOT holly hobby of course - more along the lines of martha stewart.

8. Vintage metal sign letters. I plan on getting every letter of the alphabet and hanging them all on one wall on a future child's room. I have 4 of 'em already. Only have 22 to go. Sheesh.

9. Charley Harper An Illustrated Life by Todd Oldham

10. A collection of Painted Ladies. I was in a random bathroom in Northpark Mall in Dallas, and there was one entire wall dedicated to these gorgeous vintage portraits of women. I wanted to know each and every one of them, and they were all showcased in different, fabulous gold leafed intricate frames. Love.

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