Monday, March 8, 2010

Sandra, we love you

These have to be two of my favorite things on a woman. Sparkles and soft feminine nudes.

My hubbie and I watched the entire ceremony last night...except for a hour long stint of him snoring...but I was DAZZLED by Sandra Bullock, Demi Moore and Cameron Diaz. Gorgeous.

Did you know that Sandra is 45!?! She looks not a day over 35. Ridiculous. And she's so much more hilarious and humble than I thought.

And her speech made me cry.

I'm obviously smitten with her.

So here are my fave sparkle looks and nude looks:

{ by the way - huge disclaimer. I thought Miley's dress was GORGEOUS, but she handled herself like a ...duh, 15 year old girl. So I think it was a tad old for her, but I would wear it in a heartbeat! }


  1. great post. I too love Sandra Bullock, def my fave of the evening although Vera Farmiga was also gorgeous! I agree, Miley should keep mum.

  2. Demi I think looked the best that night. I still can't figure out her secret to youth. Ugh.

  3. fun round-up! really liked sandra's and cameron's dresses and miley's as well