Monday, March 22, 2010

Jonathan Adler Giveaway

LOVE Jonathan Adler. LOVE giveaways.

I hoping that just this one time I can get some luck and win one of these fabulousnesses (um, no. that's not a real word).

There are 3 drawings - 1 on March 22 for a porcelain frame (I'm not quite sure if this is the frame or not -but they're all very yummy):

March 29 for a monogram pillow:

April 5 for a monogram rug:


  1. aww thanks for the heads up girly!!

  2. oooh oooh oooh....I love that monogrammed rug.....And it already has a "C" on it for me!!!

  3. that monogram tug is so fab!!! gotta go sign up. BTW I am having a little giveaway too!

  4. YES! I do love Jonathan Adler, too. Especially love his "10 Commandments" and "Manifesto."

  5. I love that green pillow with a little bit of yellow in it.