Monday, March 8, 2010

Monsieur Boudin

I stumbled across this adorable little weinie dog illustration collection on Daisy Pink Cupcake's blog and I love this dog!!!

The illustrations are so whimsical and fun. You can buy all the cards here , but I don't have any idea if there's a place in the US or not.

And his name is Mr. Sausage. I cute is that!?!

{designs by Lab Partners}


  1. Oh, we love this little guy! Part of the attraction is that there's a bit of a retro, mid-century feel to the design, no? And BTW, we are loving your blog, we'll be back!

    Smiles at you Miss Paperie,

  2. How gorgeous is that little dog!! x

  3. how fun. they are so chic 50's!