Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Heart to Haiti

First, I have to say I've been HORRIBLE about posting! This past week was insane, so updates are coming. And I haven't even had time to visit all of the wonderful blogs that I usually frequent. My deepest apologies!

Secondly, my beautiful friend Stephanie is over in Haiti helping piece back together the broken hearts there. I deeply respect her and wish I had the gumption to drop my life and do something bigger than my day to day selfish existence.

But alas, there are fabulous people in this world who DO do that, and to them I am eternally grateful.

I religiously read her fascinating blog, Heart to Haiti . There was this picture that inspired the artist in me and I had to share.

These are packages of scented candles on the store shelves - a huge luxury over there. Aren't they just lovely?

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  1. I love Claus products, such pretty packages. My husband Klaus bought them last Christmas as gifts to his and my mother.